Valsesia in summer
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Tuesday, 01 March 2011 07:59
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  • Rafting
    Phone. 0163 735301

    The Sesia that gives the noun to the valley is the best river in Italy for the rafting due to its exciting and always changing rapids!

  • Canyoning
    Phone. 0163 735301
    Canyoning is the adventure that let you discover hidden places diving in limpid waters, sliding with the river on its rocks dressed by the current and the time passing, among foaming waterfalls and natural toboggans.

  • Hydrospeed
    Phone. 0163 735301
    Hydrospeed is a full-contact experience with the current, where what matters is understanding its dynamics and feeling its energy!

  • Mountain Bike
    Phone. 0163 735301
    Noleggia una mountain bike per attraversare la zona su due ruote.

  • Trekking
    Phone. 0163 922993
    Many routes with different degrees of difficulties offer you the opportunity to discover the treasures of the valley walking among its blooming nature.

And much more! Visit the website ATL Valsesia for more info!

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